The Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins for 2020

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize a blog. Many bloggers take on affiliate marketing as a means to establish either a primary or ancillary revenue stream. If affiliate marketing happens to be your cup of tea, you’ll surely know that Amazon runs the world’s most popular affiliate network. Affiliates earn a decent commission on sales. Besides, the sheer volume of products in the Amazon stable makes it a delight for a marketer who is looking to earn commission interest. Many internet marketers deal solely with Amazon products, and WordPress offers a stable platform to host these sites. Moreover, there are a number of quality WordPress themes catering to Amazon affiliates. Not only themes, but you’ll also find a number of Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins that help you along.

Of course, you can manually insert Amazon’s affiliate code into your site, but you can leave it to the plugins as well. These Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins help you keep track of affiliate sales. As an affiliate marketer, you may want to cloak your affiliate links, and these plugins can help with that too. They make your ugly affiliate links look nice and add your domain name to it. They save a great deal of time and help you put together a website that maximizes affiliate commissions.

Some of the popular affiliate WordPress plugins are Thirsty Affiliates (free and premium), Pretty Links and Affiliates Manager. These plugins can take care of the affiliate management requirements of many affiliate marketing schemes or marketers. However, in this post, we’ll restrict our list of plugins to those that help to manage the requirements of Amazon affiliate marketers.

Premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

The free plugins will do the job quite efficiently if you do not need any complicated features. But you may be running numerous products in multiple categories or working with multiple Amazon Associate IDs. Or you may need in-depth stats to help you with marketing. In such cases, it may be better to go with a power-packed premium plugin that offers a high degree of support.

Amazon Affiliate For WordPress

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress automatically creates affiliate links for you, including your tracking id.
The product information is updated regularly through Amazon’s Product Advertising API.  It sorts and filters the lists that are generated. A number of pre-made templates are available and you can customize using CSS as well. Geotargeting helps you to direct customers to the closest Amazon store, and local caching helps improve loading times. You can use comparison tables and use conversion-optimized product boxes to promote sales.

The plugin allows you to place customizable text links within the running text using shortcodes, and display specific product information such as price or buttons anywhere on your post or page using data fields. The plugin works with most standard themes, is responsive and works in most Amazon locales. It supports Widgets in the sidebar, Accelerated Mobile Pages for mobiles, HTTPS / SSL and clicks tracking. Moreover, it allows you to flag Amazon Prime articles to increase commissions and is developer-friendly.


WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

If you’re using WooCommerce to run your online store, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a great addition to manage your affiliate marketing. Using the ASIN Grabber, it lets you import products from Amazon right into your store and earn a commission. When a visitor tries to purchase one of the products, they’ll be redirected to Amazon. The advanced search and bulk import feature allow you to search for products by category or keyword. The “Synchronization Module” will keep the products updated on your store. Once you set up a keyword, the products are imported automatically. Additionally, you can also import specific products by listing the corresponding ASIN in a CSV file.

WooCommerce Affiliates

The plugin also downloads the images, description, variations and customer reviews relevant to each product from Amazon. It generates a unique sales description for each product. Slow servers are not an issue – that’s because the product details and the images are downloaded separately to ensure that the products do not break. It’s also possible to improve loading times by configuring the plugin to use images directly from Amazon’s CDN. Affiliates stand to gain with higher conversion rates. This is due to the 90 day cookie feature that adds the product to cart whenever a user is redirected to Amazon. Moreover, the plugin integrates with your storefront to enhance experience for frontend users. Users can know if shipping facility is available, whether it’s free and appropriate delivery times.

After installation of the plugin, you need to configure it to your Amazon account. It works for multiple locales and helps you choose any number of products from any Amazon website. Besides, on the product details page you have the option to display availability by country.



aapro amazon affiliate pro wordpress plugin
AAPro is short for Amazon Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin that brings a ton of creative and innovative features. If you always wanted to become an Amazon affiliate, earning commission for each sale you make, you came to the right place. We bring you a broad collection of different solutions that will get you going in little to no time. And AAPro is one of the top tools that will help you create a powerful WordPress platform both generic or niche.

There are very many features you can take to your advantage when you gain access to AAPro. From manual and auto product import and on-site cart to in-depth analytics, reviews and multiple search methods, AAPro sports it all and then some. You can also tag products, utilize practical shortcodes and create the exact layout that matches your project idea perfectly. The final creation will also be fully responsive and cross-browser compatible.



azonberg gutenberg amazon affiliates embed
Whoever is using the new WordPress block editor, Gutenberg, Azonberg is one of the best options for you to start adding Amazon products to your blog or website. It is easy to use, making sure that all levels of users get the most out of the tool. This Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin instantly imports new items without the need to do much work. You can also create an ASIN list and import a whole collection of Amazon products with just one click. Super convenient.

While Azonberg comes with a default template, you can effortlessly customize and fine-tune the look to match your online presence to a T. Even the buy now and add to cart buttons are customizable. Moreover, Azonberg is compatible with any modern WordPress theme, ensuring instant integration. Take your Amazon affiliate game to a whole new degree with Azonberg now.


WP Table Builder

amazon tables
If you are searching for an exclusive Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that helps you create engaging tables, hence the name, WP Table Builder is the one option to consider. It is a highly versatile, flexible and effortless to use tool that will do you good. First and foremost, WP Table Builder comes with a handy drag and drop technique, so everyone gets the most out of it. In other words, you will never need to write a single line of code when doing the job with WP Table Builder.

Moreover, WP Table Builder creates responsive tables, making sure they display content stunningly both on handheld and desktop devices. In addition to that, it also comes with a dedicated shortcode, so you can insert the table anywhere you want on your website. To sum up, it is an excellent solution for affiliate marketers and niche site owners who would like to increase their affiliate earnings.



apo amazon affiliate wordpress plugin
APO is a WordPress plugin that helps you simplify the process of adding Amazon affiliate products and controlling their availability. The tool is also compatible with other plugins, allowing you to add new products manually or on autopilot. Of course, APO is compatible with the Gutenberg block builder, offering the inclusion of a new product anywhere in your post or page. On top of that, APO works with all the languages, as it is easily translatable. It even comes translated into Spanish!

Some of the additional features of APO are automatic product availability, click counter, email notifications and compatibility with all Amazon’s international websites. If you would like to have full control over your Amazon products across your entire site, APO will handle that for you. As simple as that!



gproducts amazon affiliate wordpress plugin
Creating stunning and attention-grabbing Amazon boxes on your website or blog happens in a little breeze with GProducts. Of course, there is no need to touch a single string of code when adding new items to your page, as GProducts takes care of that for you. You even do not need an API key to make this Amazon affiliate plugin start working for you. You simply find the appropriate product by its ASIN code or by keyword, and that’s it.

From then on, GProducts will create a beautiful box that can include both product details, as well as reviews. There is even an optional “add to cart” button, which actually adds the product to the user’s shopping cart on Amazon. With an array of options and possibilities, the Amazon products that you will add to your page using GProducts will feel very inviting.



gutensearch amazon affiliates products search and embed
Instead of searching for products on Amazon and importing them into your website one by one, we have a special Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin here that does the work instead of you. GutenSearch is a tool that you will easily import into your Gutenberg builder, for a whole new layer of features.

After you complete the integration, you can simply search for products on Amazon from your WordPress admin dashboard and add any item you want. You can even search by countries and departments to quickly find the right products. Besides, your users can enjoy exploring goods, too.

GutenSearch has two available checkouts, direct and add to cart. Moreover, it requires no API key and helps you score multiple commissions since it works with all Amazon affiliate programs from around the globe. As far as the design goes, you can also modify it according to your preferences.


WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack

WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack packs multiple Amazon Affiliates Advertising plugins in one bundle and throws in a WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates theme as well. It includes a contextual advertising plugin and a discount finder. You need to install the pack, set up the plugins and fill out your Amazon Associate id. For this pack to work, you’ll need WordPress, WooCommerce, Amazon account for Secret Access keys and Amazon Affiliate account.

WooZone - Amazon Affiliates Bundle Pack

The basic WooZone plugin helps generate revenue from advertising Amazon products on your WooCommerce store. The 90-day cookie feature increases conversion rates and the on-site cart feature enable checkout with multiple products. Hundreds of products can be imported in bulk into your store, and pages are optimized for search engines. Working in tandem with this plugin is the Kingdom theme built exclusively for the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin. The theme does away with all the features not necessary for a WooCommerce store, making it lean and fast.

The discount finder helps you earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. It narrows down the search results for discounts from the tons of discounts available on Amazon. This makes it easier for visitors to you site to find discounts. The contextual advertising plugin helps to monetize your blog. It automatically adds affiliate links to your content and displays ads in highly visible locations on your store. Also, it automatically displays products relevant to your content by analyzing the posts for keywords used to search for relevant Amazon products. Besides, it is especially effective for posts that are product-related and where the keywords are used in a contextual manner.



Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

The WordPress plugin repository has many quality plugins relating to affiliate marketing in general and Amazon affiliates in particular. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular Amazon affiliate marketing plugins that you can download for free.


EasyAzon is a powerful plugin that can create Amazon text affiliate links right from within your WordPress post editor. It’s necessary to obtain an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key from Amazon to be able to request for product details, and then retrieve them from the Amazon website. On the settings page, you can opt for the links to open in a new window and apply the nofollow attribute to the link. You can set this option on a global basis or for individual links only. The plugin saves you time and money, and supports every location where Amazon has an Associates affiliate program.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins: EasyAzon

The premium plugin helps you add not only text links, but also image affiliate links. Besides, you can create product information blocks and calls to action. This version also lets you cloak the affiliate links and enable product popups. Further, it assists in localizing the links. This means a user from any country will automatically be directed to the Amazon store in that country. It also allows a visitor to add products to cart, thereby increasing the chances of your receiving a commission. If you have customers from other countries, you’ll most likely see a revenue boost almost immediately on activating this plugin.


Amazon Link

Amazon Link is a useful plugin to add Amazon product links within your own WordPress posts. To help you keep track of commissions, all the links include your unique Amazon affiliate ID. While it’s possible to assign a default country, the plugin is compatible with Amazon associate programs in most countries around the world as well. It translates the product description automatically based on the visitor’s location. The powerful search option helps to locate products on Amazon and add their links to posts. The products load quickly as the details are cached.

Amazon Link

Many templates are available including templates for Amazon My Favorites Widget, Amazon carousel widget, MP3 clips widget and Wishlist. You can insert one of these templates into your post, page or widget, and choose to display images or link text or even Amazon Flash widgets. If you wish, you can also create your own template. Additionally, you can generate product links using shortcode and localize the links based on the visitor’s nationality. It includes a search tool that helps to create product links in posts and pages. The plugin is developer friendly, allowing you to extend functionality using filters.


Amazon JS

Amazon JS is the plugin you need if you want to display Amazon products in your WordPress post and pages. You can customize the display style using jQuery template. The plugin adds a search form to WordPress post using which visitors can search Amazon products by keyword, ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) or URL. You can then add a shortcode to the search results.

Amazon JS

The plugin supports multiple Amazon domains in Europe, America, China and Japan. For this plugin to work, you’ll first need to sign up with Amazon for the Amazon Advertising API and submit your Access key. It works by initially converting the tag from the Amazonjs shortcode on the server side. The tag is then replaced with formatted HTML to display Amazon product using jQuery template.


Amazon Product In A Post Plugin

Amazon product in a post plugin allows you to quickly add as many amazon products as you want simply by adding the Amazon Product ASIN. You can add them to any existing or new page or post or to custom post types using shortcodes. Shortcodes also enable you to add as many products as you want to existing post or page content. The products can display alongside any reviews or descriptions that you want to add to it.

Amazon Product in A Post

To be able to use the Plugin, you need to have an Amazon Affiliate Account along with Amazon Product Advertising API keys. After installing the plugin, enter the Amazon Associate ID in the plugin settings page and feed in the API keys. Using the Amazon elements shortcode, you can add your own buttons. You can add multiple ASINs, break them up into many pages and posts and submit all of them in one go. It caches the product pages, and so there is no limit on the number of ASINs in one page or in one shortcode. You can choose only the products that you want to showcase and place them at the top or bottom of the post content. It’s also possible to convert the post content to be a part of the product layout.



AmazonSimpleAdmin is ideal for integrating Amazon products into your WordPress pages. Using the many templates included in the plugin, you can display your product in many different styles. It uses the Amazon Product Advertising API to receive product data, and you need to feed in your Amazon Associate ID to keep track of commissions. You can design your own template as well. It supports Amazon stores in many countries and the backend is available in many languages.


Shortcodes make it easy to use the plugin. They allow you to group products into a collection and display them on a single page. It supports product preview layers in a few select countries, and relies on caching and AJAX for quick loading of products. The pro version allows you to customize the templates, translate templates, choose products, geolocation, email notifications and manage multiple Associate IDs.


Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links plugin is very helpful in picking out your targeted categories, and automatically adding the links. It filters unwanted products by blacklisting them by description, title, and ASIN. Once you select the categories that you want to display, you’ll no longer need to search for products and paste affiliate links manually. New products added to Amazon in the selected category are automatically added to your site. You can select the pages or posts on which the product links should appear by post ID, taxonomy, page type, and post type.

Amazon Auto Links

The plugin allows you to customize the display and add custom buttons, besides enabling export of ads to external sites via feeds. You can also insert ads within widgets using shortcode. The plugin provides PHP code to insert ads in the theme template. It supports thumbnail images upto 500px in size. You can shuffle the order of the links, as well as cloak them to remain hidden.

Amazon Auto Links enables a product specific search and works even on Java disabled browsers. As a result, even if visitors turn off JavaScript for security reasons, your ads will still display on their browsers. If you wish, you can even create your own design layout using CSS, HTML and a bit of PHP. It supports more than ten Amazon Associate locales. The pro version comes with many more features, including templates for displaying products in multiple columns.


Easy Affiliate Links

easy affiliate links amazon affiliate wordpress plugin
Easy Affiliate Links is a multi-purpose WordPress plugin that works for managing and maintaining affiliate links on your website. Including for Amazon products. With the tool, you can control both original and cloaked affiliate links and track all the clicks. As for the tracking, Easy Affiliate Links takes care of that automatically for you. The plugin also fully supports both the classic and the Gutenberg editors.

Moreover, Easy Affiliate Links can create short links for cloaking affiliate links if need be, as well as add sponsored attributes to your links. You can access your links in visual and HTML editors for further editing, assign categories to links and import affiliate links from XML or CSV. In addition to that, you can even export all your website’s affiliate links. Finally, for unlocking more features, pick up the pro plan and enjoy the difference.


Amazon Link Engine

Immediately on installation of the Amazon Link Engine, your Amazon links are localized every time a user loads the page. This is done automatically based on the visitor’s location. Even if you add new links to your WordPress site, each link converts automatically. The user interface is simple and easy to use, needing only a one time configuration. This plugin is totally free if your chief interest is only to give your international audience a better experience and improve sales by redirecting them to their local storefront.

Amazon Link Engine

The plugin is created by GeniusLink. Though you do not need an account with them to use the plugin, you’ll need one to earn international commissions. This account ensures that each click is taken to the best possible Amazon locale. The account also gives you access to comprehensive reports on clicks and commissions. These reports help you track how each link performs on different parameters such as browser, device, referrer or geography. What gives Amazon Link Engine the edge is an algorithm to get your users to the best possible destination. An account also allows you to brand the links with your own custom domain.




WooCommerce and WordPress Themes for WooCommerce are great aids for setting up an online store. And affiliate marketing is a popular way to monetize your website. You can earn revenue by marketing your own product or that of others on your online store. It’s not too difficult to implement too – sign up with an affiliate program and choose products lines that you feel confident in marketing to your audience. And then take help from these Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins to streamline functioning and set the cash registers ringing.

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